Maxkas Nig. Ltd.

Maxkas Nigeria Limited is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, under the Company and Allied Matter Act of 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993 (RC 23678). The Company has judiciously been utilizing its privileged blend of vast trainings, experience and information technological skills to attain and retain enviable heights in engineering services and products that are strictly in compliance with both national and international engineering standards.

The Company has consistently remained a leading figure in the provision of affordable high quality products and services to government agencies, private and corporate organizations in Electrical Powers Systems, Instrumentations and Installations. Over the years of diligent performances, Maxkas Electrical has undeniably worked through the rank and file of competitors to position itself as one of the major leading electrical engineering companies in Nigeria; whose speciality could be reckoned with, in: designing, modelling and calibrations of Electrical Control Panels, Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems, Automated Water System, Lighting Kiosk, Feeder Pillars, High voltage Transformer Installations, Electrical Installations, Urban and Rural Electrifications, etc.

The Company research interest, hands-on and passion to meet the needs of the people and society has resulted in her manufacturing of “Smokeless CookStove”, chiefly by Maxwell Chinnah(jnr): CEO/Co-Founder of Terraoak Inc. based in the United State of America. The patent-pending Smokeless Stove has satisfactorily passed all necessary testing and verifications exercises, and will soon be mass produced for exports. Subsequently, the production of the most cost effective and lowest ever known voltage-power flourescent fittings of her brand name ' Maxkas Fluorescent Fitting' shall come up aswell.


Transformer/Feeder Pillar Specialist

Installs Transformers and Constructs/Installs matching Feeder Pillars


Control Panel Specialist

Designs, Constructs and Installs Electrical Power and Control Panels


Power Panel Specialist

Designs, Calibrates and Installs Incomer & Outgoing Panels of high voltages