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The Technical Director of Maxkas Nig. Ltd. has got exceptional engineering talent and substantial industrial experiences which he combines with his academic engineering qualifications to become distinct in electrical and general engineering practices. Although diversified in engineering skills, his passion has grown high in electrical engineering and instrumentations; an area where also he has attended numerous workshops/seminars on 21st century cutting edge engineering designs, instrumentations, good practices and procedures.

Way back in 1986 through 1993, as an employee he rose to the rank of Assistant Electrical Instructor in the Engineering Training School of Nigerian Breweries Plc. Judging by every standard, including: the use of cutting edge equipped workshop, practical oriented training sessions, rigid use of international syllabus, availability of seasoned foreign Instructors, etc., the Engineering Training School of Nigerian Breweries Plc was doubtlessly outstanding as the leading engineering training school in the country at a time. He eventually became the direct successor to the Dutch engineer (Mr. Murley); in fact the first Nigeria to occupy such a credible position.

Precisely in the month of March 1993, he voluntarily resigned as an employee of Nigerian Breweries Plc. This he did in order to fulfil his business drive that offers broader spectrum of opportunity to reach out to many more persons, families, communities, organizations and countries with his wealth of knowledge and experience in electrical engineering power and instrumentations. It is of interest to note that most of the Electrical Technicians and Engineers he trained became electrical Managers, senior Supervisors, Foremen, etc in their various electrical engineering and instrumentations work places.

The Technical Director and his team burn with similar passion and diligence thereby making Maxkas Nig Ltd a breeding pool for grooming of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. These are also inculcated with an unparalleled skill, knowledge and expertise in practical engineering works with uncompromising standards that is primarily aimed at meeting Clients' needs; by which and only, we derive our satisfaction. (Click to view: SAMPLES OF CONCLUDED PROJECTS).


Maxwell W. Chinnah (MNATE)

Technical Director


Kenneth B. Chinnah (MBCS, MCPN)

IT Manager


Engr. Promise Onu

Project Engineer